Tag Team Belly Boxing Knockout


Media Type: DVD 

Length: (approx) 28 Minutes

Manufacturer: Raslingal Productions

Stars:Brandy, Mutiny vs. John

Synopsis: Brandy is late for her scheduled fight with her boxing partner Mutiny so the poor French girl is forced to face John alone and not very happy about Brandy's tardiness.  The fight begins without Brandy.  Well, what a fight, Mutiny is punched around the ring like a sack of potatoes taking a tremendous belly beating from John working her with rapid fire combinatiions.  Mutiny gets in some shots of her own but nothing to stop John from his belly attack.  The final blow comes when John has her up against the ropes and uses powerful right and left hooks to her face to finish Mutiny off with a dramatic knockout.  Brandy was there in time only to view the ending of this brutal beating and now is ready to help out her boxing partner.

Well, the blonde boxer finds out she is in for the same intense bashing as Mutiny received, taking a belly punche like never before nonstop.  Up against the ropes, and holding her up with uppercuts to her stomach and finally finshes her off bare fisted to a knockout.

The girls together regain their composure and together turn it about on John giving him the beating of his life pounding his face and belly until he finally slumps on the floor battered and dazed unable to continue.  Mutiny still not happy with Brandy wants to fight her for being late, so the two beauties go at it exchanging punches to each others bodes and belly until one of them is KNOCKED OUT COLD.  Great ending to a great fight video!

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