Mixed Wrestling

Sexy, muscular and dominant gals catfighting with guys topless, in the nude and some blowjob action in the ring.

Terrific Mixed Erotic/Hardcore Wrestling!

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Humiliation and Defeat

Humiliation and Defeat

Media Type: DVD Length (approx.): 36 Minutes Manufacturer: LSS Stars: John & Nadia Synopsis: Nadia and her boyfriend meet one afternoon for a little fun on lunch break. Role playing John and Nadia set up the stage for the match.  Challenging him to wrestle her they get naked step into the ring to commence the match.  She quickly takes over and shows her wimpy boyfriend he is no match for her.  Smothering him with her smelly pussy trying to give him an erection but the worthless wimp just can't get it up.  Action is great finaly she does some reverse...
Nosey Neighbor

Nosey Neighbor

Media Type: DVD Length (approx.): 31 Minutes Manufacturer: Mass Muscle Stars: Kris Clark and her friend Synopsis:  Kris Clark, 5'4", 16" calves and biceps 25" quads, unreal high peaked biceps.  Kris is relaxing at her pool when her "Nosey Neighbor" is caught watching her bathe in the sun.  She sees him there and confronts him and throws him in her pool not letting him escape.  Now the onslaught of destruction happens as her extremely muscled body goes into action!  Lots and lots of scissors throughout this video with many...
She's Got Him Headscissored

She's Got Him Headscissored

Media Type: DVD Length (approx.): 20 Minutes Manufacturer: California Supreme Stars: Lisa Marie, Christie and Friends Synopsis: Lisa Marie is so beautiful that he can't believe that she is so strong and skillful a wrestler.  The tough  man hurts Lisa Marie, but when she snatches his head between her big female thighs it turns all around.  Watch as she looks down at his trapped face to determine how much harder to squeeze to make him submit.  When he refuses to yield she gets full pay back by shaking her legs and giving him scissors snaps.  No one man...
Totally Competitive 2

Totally Competitive 2

Media Type: DVD Length (approx.): 31 Minutes Manufacture MWU Stars: Kyla & Dave Synopsis:For fans of mixed wrestling, you get to see Kyla,one of the best mixed wrestlers around, take on Dave, who's skilled and trained to wrestle. There's very few submissions as these grapplers are very evenly matched. Who wins may surprise you!

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