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Fabulous gals and guys from the "Golden Age of Porn" when they enjoyed fucking in front of the cameras to excite their fans...with good storylines.

Seka, John Holmes, Vanessa Del Rio and all the other early classic porn stars in some of their all-time classic porn feature films.

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(image for) $50 Million Cherry (1987)

$50 Million Cherry (1987)

Media Type: DVD   Length (approx.): 78 Minutes   Manufacturer: Caballero   Stars: Samantha Strong, Amber Lynn, John Leslie, Sharon Mitchell and others   Synopsis: Raunchy, racy romance where Samanta is a virgin, and she has to stay that way to collect $50,000,000.  If she deflowered, that awesome amount goes to her family and friends. Good story and hot sex!
(image for) Behind The Green Door (1972)

Behind The Green Door (1972)

Media Type: DVD   Length (approx.): 2 Hours   Manufacturer: Mitchell Brothers   Stars: Marilyn Chambers and others   Synopsis: Marilyn Chambers, the All-American Girl, who undeniably changed the face of the adult film industry, stars in her classic ground-breaking ingenue role, as she takes you on a cinematic journey into the sublime...
(image for) China and Silk (1984)

China and Silk (1984)

Media Type: DVD Length (approx.): 90 Minutes Manufacturer: TVX Stars:Ginger Lynn, Cara Lott, Christina Barrington, Susan Hart and more Synopsis: Ginger Lynn plays an agent caught up in a world of drug smuggling and 'spy novel' sex.  Susan Hart & Christina Barrington, along with Ginger, screw their way through each action-packed sequence.
(image for) Devil in Miss Jones (1972)

Devil in Miss Jones (1972)

Media Type: DVD   Length (approx.): 2 Hours   Manufacturer: VCX   Stars: Georgina Spelvin, Harry Reems, Marc Stevens, Clair Lumiere and more   Synopsis: Classic Porn Adult Feature of  a frustrted spinster who's put in touch with her inner sexual depravity.  Confronted by the devil and faced with spending an eternity in hell, Georgina Spelvin imposes the hypothetic premise: "If I had my life to live over, I would have life filled, engulfed and consumed by lust! Digitally Re-Mastered & Restored.
(image for) Devil In Mr. Holmes (2007)

Devil In Mr. Holmes (2007)

Media Type: DVD Length (approx.):  2 Hours Manufacturer: Metro Stars: John C. Holmes, Tracey Adams, Amber Lynn and others Synopsis: Great story of John Holmes playing a shy guy who can't hook with girls and meets the Devil who changes everything for him sexually!
(image for) Insatiable(1980):The 30th Anniversary Edition

Insatiable(1980):The 30th Anniversary Edition

Media Type: DVD   Length (approx.): 3 Hours   Manufacturer: Dynasty Group Prods.   Stars: Marilyn Chambers, John Holmes, Jessie St. James, John Leslie,  Richard Pacheco and others     Synopsis: While filming her movie debut, supermodel heiress finds herself caught in a wild web of sexual encounters with her frisky co-stars.  Shot on location in rural America and in London, England. This 1980 remastered classic is presented with the  most in-depth interview with Hall of Famer Marilyn Chambers ever filmed.
(image for) Inside Desiree Cousteau (1979)

Inside Desiree Cousteau (1979)

Media Type: DVD Length (approx.): 80 Minutes Manufacturer: VCX Stars: Desiree Cousteau, Serena, Susan Nero and many others Synopsis: Young, beautiful, and innocent DESIREE enters the work force to find great difficulty in keeping men disinterested in her charms.  Seeing that no matter what she does ends in sexual encounters, she goes after a career in porno films and become an international sensation.
(image for) Inside Seka (1980)

Inside Seka (1980)

Media Type: DVD   Length (approx.): 96 Minutes   Manufacturer: Video-X-Pix   Stars: Seka and many others   Synopsis: A Classic of Adult Cinema as SEKA, one of porn's greatest stars, agrees to reveal and relive all her most exciting sexual experiences and fantasies in front of the camera!
(image for) Jacqueline Lorians Collection

Jacqueline Lorians Collection

Media Type: DVD Length (approx.): 2 Hours Manufacturer: Alpha Blue Stars: Jacqueline Lorians, Anna Ventura and many others Synopsis: An absolutely stunning redhead who oozed innocent sexual curiousity, Jacqueline Lorians, was one of the loveliest porn actressed of the 1980's.  A gorgeous treat for the eyes with a divinel, slenderr figure, radiant fair skin and a pair of the most sensually inviting and mesmerizing eyes ever seen on films. This SUPERB collection contains early rare loops and highlights from her feature film career.
(image for) Little Girls Blue 1 (1977)

Little Girls Blue 1 (1977)

Media Type: DVD Length (approx.): 2 Hours Manufacturer: VCX Stars: Lori Blue, Chrissy Petersen, Tamara Morgan Paul Thomas and many more Synopsis: Girls engage in lots of sexual shenanigans with each other, their college faculty and staff in this classic from 1977!
(image for) Never So Deep (1981)

Never So Deep (1981)

Media Type: DVD Length (approx.): 90 Minutes Manufacturer: VCX Stars: Loni Sanders, Brooke West, Maria Tortuga, Mike Ranger, Paul Thomas and others Synopsis: Ginger Trueheart, a very private eye finds herself ever so deep in Gerard Damiano's sex comedy, NEVER SO DEEP. Sex magazine mogul sends Ginger on a sex sizzling search through San Francisco's infamous 'tenderloin district to find some sexy secets!
(image for) Nothing To Hide:Justine (1993)

Nothing To Hide:Justine (1993)

Media Type: DVD Length (approx.): 2 Hours Manufacturer: Metro Stars: Roxanne Blaze, Tianna, Lacy Rose, Dyanna Lauren, Mike Horner, Nick East, Brad Armstrong and others Synopsis: Mike Horner and Nick East are father and son, respectiely, searching for that special woman - neither man is aware of the other's affection for the same beautiful young girl.
(image for) Please Mr. Postman (1981)

Please Mr. Postman (1981)

Media Type: DVD   Length (approx.): 2 Hours   Manufacturer: Caballero   Stars: Loni Sanders, Nicole Noir, Chelsea McClane and others   Synopsis: Make her rounds as the first postwoman in a small own, Loni delivers some mysterious plain brown wrapped packages, whose unusual contents prompts some sizzling action to warm up your screen!
(image for) Taboo:The Original Classic (1980)

Taboo:The Original Classic (1980)

Media Type: DVD   Length (approx.): 2 Hours   Manufacturer: Standard   Stars: Kay Parker, Mike Ranger and many more   Synopsis: Kay Parker portrays a woman whose husband has left her for his young secretary, forcing her and her son to fend for themselves.  In order to put her life back together, she takes a secretarial job where her boss makes an uncomfortable pass at her and she falls into the divorcee's role of meaningless parties and blind dates, she becomes caught in a vortex of lust and passion for her young son.
(image for) Tomboy (1983)

Tomboy (1983)

Media Type: DVD Length (approx.): 85 Minutes Manufacturer: VCX Stars: Melanie Scott, Kay Parker, Tom Bryon, Mark Wallice and many more Synopsis: Melanie was "one of the boys" - a Tomboy - until one day as she stands naked in front of the mirror and feels a spark of sexual electricity in the air.  A woman is born!  The ultimate gridiron 'tight end!'
(image for) Up 'N Coming (1982)

Up 'N Coming (1982)

Media Type: DVD Length (approx.): 80 Minutes Manufacturer: I-Candy Stars: Marilyn Chambers, John Holmes, Lisa De Leeuw, Richard Pacheco, Herschel Savage, Cody Nicole and many more Synopsis: Marked by high production values, great story of a fading  country western diva, whose star is being eclipsd by her multi-talented opening act, MARILYN CHAMBERS!

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